The Mission of Strovo Properties is to acquire strong cash flowing self-storage facilities with the potential to increase future performance and value.

Learn about the team that is leading the charge below…

Nick Mastro

There has been many ups and downs in the recent economic climate, but a persistent work ethic, and strong moral compass, has propelled me through the last 18 years to be a successful contractor.

I learned these baseline ethics from some fantastic coaches I played for throughout my youth. They taught me that there are always ups and downs when you invest yourself in participating in a sport or anything that is important to you. You learn about competition, teamwork, how to be a gracious winner, and how to learn from your loses. These are valuable life lessons that hopefully, I have paid forward as a coach in youth sports for over eight years.

A coach once told me, ” If you practice something incorrectly just once, you have to do it correctly eight times in a row in order to correct it in your mind for muscle memory. Do it right the first time and you will save a lot of practice time!”

Strovo Properties will do it the right way the first time!

Mike Strang

My name is Mike Strang and I have a wife of 27 years and three grown children.

Living in the Midwest for all my life, I have learned that character, honesty, hard work and your word are just a few of the pillars of how you should live your life. These values were the foundation for me to build a Stock Options Brokerage firm that has been successful for over 20 years in a highly competitive financial industry.

Now, with the experience of my long career and the support of my family, I am building a successful Self Storage business. Self Storage sparked my interest for several reasons but a few that stand out for me, are the demand for storage space has increased consistently for many decades which shows the industry is strong and vibrant. I also like the idea of fulfilling a need of the community that otherwise would have no other options.

With my work ethic, ambition and perseverance, I look forward to working with partners and storage facility operators in making deals that benefit everyone.

How We Work With Self Storage Property Owners

If you own a self storage property in Illinois (or one of our other markets we work in as well) and would like to sell it, reach out to us! We’re always on the lookout for great self storage (mini storage) properties that have potential for improvement.

Just give us a call at 630-608-2573 or fill out this short form on our Contact Page.

How We Work With Accredited Investors

If you are an accredited investor and want to learn more about how you can work with us on self storage projects, connect with us! We offer exceptional investment opportunities for those accredited investors interested in getting the benefits that self storage properties can give you, without having to manage all of the aspects of finding, acquiring, improving, and managing the properties.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do or our current opportunities, call us at (630) 608- 2573 or fill out our short “Investors” form.